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Let a USA Job Recruiter find a high paying local job for you! This is a FREE service to use, and USA Job Recruiters only gets paid by your employer if you get hired.

U.S.A. Job Recruiters Employment Testimonials:
I found USA Job Recruiters on recruiting for their national clients. Dave was able to connect me with 3 job interviews within a week, through their local Human Resources contacts, and high-end corporate employers/clients. I ended up interviewing and getting a job offer from a company that matched my interests and pay scale. I never completed my bachelors degree but I did have a few years of office experience, and a little book keeping. They were great to work with and were 100% FREE. Dave Rosenblat was my job recruiter and worked hard to get me interviews.

Thanks, - Raymond Louis Los Angeles, CA (9/10/13)

I found a great job through USA Job Recruiters. I spent months trying to find a job on Craigslist and The Ladders and both Monster and Career Builder. My job recruiter, Rebecca Fernandez, was very helpful in scheduling me local interviews with great companies. I started out as a personal admin assistant to the president of an eCommerce company that sells cleaning products. I recently got promoted to general manager of our small call center. USA Job Recruiters was free, quick, and their head hunters have all the relationships with hiring managers you need.

Sincerely, - Janet Masters Chicago, IL (10/02/13)

Life has gotten pretty ruff recently. I don't have much money and I needed a job ASAP. I can't deny that I was in a really tuff place in life, and work was going to help me survive. My job recruiter with the USA Job Recruiters was very soulful, they were very charming, witty, and extremely intelligent. I absolutely loved working with my USA Job Recruiter, Steve, to find a full time job in my area..

Sincerely, - George Halburton Tampa, 9/20/13 FL

Wow, I lost my job after 6 years of working in a shipping and sorting facility for a large fortune 500 corporation. So, I didn't know what to do, I didn't even have a resume ready, and I didn't know anyone to turn to to help me find another job, and quick. Because boy oh boy, those bills come piling on fast, and unemployment income only lasted so long. USA Job Recruiters were easy to work with, they didn't charge me a thing, and they found me a job quick.

Sincerely, - Rebecca Finder San Francisco, 8/28/13 CA

Hey, I'm Steve and my job recruiter Nancy wanted me to write this for her. I was out of work after graduating college and was desperately looking for a job, I hardly had enough money for rent. After registering and completing Step # 2 on the next page; well actually, I had to go back and fill it out COMPLETELY a second time to speak with a job recruiter. Anyhow, Nancy scheduled me an interview with a large packaging and distribution center with a staffing company; and it can ultimately lead to corporate employment with one of the largest corporations on the planet. I got a job in 72 hours, and the pay is pretty sick. Nancy was cool to work with and made it extremely easy and natural to interview with her clients.

Sincerely, - Steve Johnson 8/09/13 New York, NY